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A New Winner!

Our brand new release—White Hats, Swamp Creatures and QAnon: A Who’s Who of SpyGate by Captain Roy D— is the #1 New Release for Social Science References on Amazon. This book is a 433-page encyclopedia of the events and people involved in those events around and since...

Don’t Read This Book

Coming soon! It’s a book about all you missed while the media was screaming Russia, Russia, Russia! What was so almighty important they didn’t want you to pay attention to? Oh look! There’s a bird! I am Not a Swamp Creature Swamp creature? What are you? Some kind of...

Amazon #1 Best Seller

Relentlessly Creative Book’s new title QAnon: An Invitation to The Great Awakening, thanks in part to a firestorm of controversy from the enemy camp (the legacy main-stream media) achieved Best Seller status in less than 6 days. The book, written by 12 anonymous...

We Have a #1 Best Seller

Congratulations to RCB’s best selling author Mark Ginther! His book K.O. Power just became the #1 best seller in the Boxing category on Amazon. This is our first #1 book! Thank you RCB readers and the many fighters who read and train with coach Ginther.

Congratulations to RCB’s Author James Rix

James Rix, author of Master of the Sky and Sea: The Story of Ted Wells was recently featured at an event at the Beechcraft  Heritage Museum. James reports that his presentation was well recieved and the museum nearly sold out of books. Congratulations James!

Something to Wear While You Workout

Our books by coach Mark Ginther, K.O. Power: Complete Strength Training for Devastating Punches, Kicks & Throws and K.O. Power Workout Blueprint and Training Log, now have their very own tee shirt. Since we sort of like photos of guys in sweaty tees, we are...

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