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Adam B. Dorfman

Curiosity is something that drives us to find answers along our unique life paths. For me, Adam B. Dorfman, that path began with an MBA at the University of Toronto and with several years in the capital markets before I eventually began to consider a career in science. I then spent a couple of years studying the frontiers of different fields, with each new revelation revealing that many of our global industries and lifestyles were about to change. After founding the website, where I continued to interview leading scientists in these new, unique fields of study, I found conviction to write the book, Conceptual Revolutions in Science. This book is designed to help you explore these new findings in a fast-paced format, so you can stretch your view of reality, in the hopes that it will have a profound impact on your life. It provides a modern scientific framework from which to observe the world and offers people the encouragement and knowledge to pursue the most amazing innovations in our global industries.

Conceptual Revolutions in Science

Flippy is an author, translator, language teacher, and brony. For years, he led pen-and-paper RPG players in adventures he created himself, often starting with scenarios from the various video games he played with friends. Over the years, Flippy learned the fine points for achieving game balance—an essential quality that leads to an enjoyable experience for all players.

Flippy learned about life by traveling and living in Canada, France, Greece, Mexico, and Spain. In his free time, he likes to take photos, play video games, go out with his friends, and play with his dog.

Tiny Horsies: The Role Playing Game
Flippy’s Life Lessons: Stuff Every Single Man Needs to Know
The Secret of the Haunted House: A Tiny Horsies Adventure
Luis Felipe Garcia Perez

Luis Felipe Garcia Perez has a Master’s Degree in International Commerce. He is fluent in English, Spanish, and French and has lived in Mexico, Canada, and France. He’s a freelancer writer and has researched and written extensively about medicine and the health care system in Mexico.

The English Speaker’s Guide to Doctors & Hospitals in Mexico
Mark Ginther

Mark Ginther has nearly 15 years professional experience working as a strength & conditioning coach, and boxing/kickboxing instructor. He has trained some of the top kick boxers and MMA fighters in the world. His long-running strength & conditioning columns appeared in Full Contact Fighter and IRONMAN Japan, and his monthly fitness column ran in Player magazine. He has contributed articles to sports and body building webzine, ‘Testosterone Nation.’

K.O. Power: Complete Strength Training for Devastating Punches, Kicks & Throws
Tom Huskerson

Tom Huskerson of Alexandria, VA, is a technical expert and researcher engaged in both cyber security and writing and has written a number of fiction and non-fiction works. As a graduate student at San Francisco State University, Tom was the first student to ever focus on the Internet. After graduation he went to work for Zona Research in California’s Silicone Valley and has been writing about the Internet ever since.

Online Scams’ Greatest Hits
Social Media: The Good, Bad & Ugly
Securing Your Digital World
Monica Rix Paxson

Monica Rix Paxson is the award-winning author of several books including two best sellers. Her work has been featured on Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, CNN and the BBC.

Talking2Trees & Other True Transdimensional Tales
The English Speaker’s Guide to Doctors & Hospitals in Mexico
Ponzi: The Prince of Pi Alley: A Novel About the Scam of the Century
The English Speaker’s Guide to Medical Care in Mexico, 4th Edition
My Life on Earth: a Memoir

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Allen Smith

Allen R. Smith is a an award winning writer living in Vail, Colorado and has been published in magazines, newspapers and hundreds of websites specializing in humor, health, fitness, nutrition and outdoor sports.

Smith has been featured on the Denver affiliate station of NBC, the Denver Post, The Writer Magazine,, the Aspen Times, LIVESTRONG.COM,, Idaho Mountain Express, Vail Daily, Tahoe Daily Tribue and published his first book, “Ski Instructors Confidential” in 2005. His second book, “Watching Grandma Circle the Drain” is also available here and he has a new book coming out in 2014. He can be reached at

Monkey in a Pink Canoe

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