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Online Scams’ Greatest Hits

Online Scams’ Greatest Hits

Series: A to eZ BooKs™, Book 3
Genre: How To
Tags: A to eZ Book, How To, Scams, Tom Huskerson
Publisher: Relentlessly Creative Books
Length: 64
ASIN: 0989540626
ISBN: 9780989540629

A concise “how to” book that helps Internet users understand, identify and avoid the many online scams that cost individuals a total of over 500 million dollars in stolen cash and goods that are reported every year. Perhaps the majority of these crimes go unreported and men are the most common victims.

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About the Book

Online Scams’ Greatest HIts shows you all the latest and greatest online scams and how they work. Includes a history and explanation of how scams work and “How Not To Get Got!” Inside you will find;

  • How to spot a phishing attack.
  • Identifying fake websites.
  • Whats is the advanced fee scam?
  • Romance and other scams.
  • Over payment, car buying and escrow scams.
  • Craigslist, eBay and Paypal scams.
  • Software scams.
  • Fake government agencies scams.
  • Credit repair scams.
  • And many more!

This book is one of a series of three that will help you understand the hazards of the Internet. Just sending an email could lead to a life-changing catastrophe. Exactly what is happening on the Internet? These three books will answer this question and many more.  Each book is less than 75 pages long, but packed with vital data and information that could literally save your life. You will never see the Internet the same again!

About the Author
Tom Huskerson

Tom Huskerson of Alexandria, VA, is a technical expert and researcher engaged in both cyber security and writing and has written a number of fiction and non-fiction works. As a graduate student at San Francisco State University, Tom was the first student to ever focus on the Internet. After graduation he went to work for Zona Research in California’s Silicone Valley and has been writing about the Internet ever since.

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