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Author Adam Dorfman Signs with RCBs

Author Adam Dorfman Signs with RCBs

Relentlessly Creative Books is proud to announce signing Adam Dorfman, writer and editor for, a website featuring leading-edge science for an upcoming title featuring stories about scientific breakthroughs. Welcome to our Authors Group Adam.

New Release: Flippy’s Life Lessons

New Release: Flippy’s Life Lessons

The author of newly released Flippy’s Life Lessons: Stuff Every Single Man Needs to Know is a bit of a mystery. We are looking forward to meeting Flippy someday. According to his author photo, he looks a lot like a cartoon platypus. Whatever he looks like, his advice for single men is hysterical. Take advantage of second-hand wisdom. Flippy learned these lessons so you don’t have to. Read more about Flippy’ Life Lessons here.

RCB Author Tom Huskerson Honored

Tom Huskerson

Internet Analyst Tom Huskerson, author of a series of books on digital security published by Relentlessly Creative Books, received the African-American Authors Expo recognition award at its annual book fair. The African-American Authors Expo is held annually and is a gathering of black writers from all genres. Tom received the recognition award for his books on Internet safety and security.
Fellow writer Cheri Lockman said, “There were so many black authors there representing so many genres but Tom arrived with the most unique offering. He was the only author who focused on the Internet. He deserved all the praise.”
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Monkey Business

Monkey in a Pink CanoeMonkey in a Pink Canoe by Allen Smith

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I published this book, but it helps to understand that first and foremost I’m a reader. When I read the manuscript for this book I had on my ”critical and serious acquisitions editor” hat. I was prepared, as I am with most manuscripts I read, to throw it in the reject pile. There was just one problem. This silly book made me laugh even when I didn’t want to. Allen has a gift for seeing the world from absurdist’s point of view for whatever subject he tackles, and as long as you don’t suffer from the incurable disorder of irony impairment, you’ll laugh too. You’ve been warned Mr. Grumpy Face.

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Our Award-Winning Authors

Author Tom Huskerson Wins Award

RCB’s author Tom Huskerson receives an African-American Authors Expo Recognition Award.

Allen Smith Wins a Evvy Book Award

RCB’s author Allen Smith wins EVVY Award for Monkey in a Pink Canoe.

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K.O. Power is excellent both for the seasoned athlete or coach as well as the absolute beginner…

Ikuyo Suzuki

…be prepared for a mental shifting in your perceptions of reality.

Dorothy Wick

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