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NEW! Tiny Horsies by Flippy

Tiny Horsies: The Role Playing Game, by Relentlessly Creative author Flippy, has just been released. This book is designed for the fans of what we are calling “Tiny Horsies,” is a  pen-and-paper style role playing game (RPG) for all ages. The book includes “How to Play” for beginners, a guide for the Game Master and a starting adventure with lots of pictures of tiny horsies. It is available in print and downloadable watermarked pdf format to make it easier for children and teens (who don’t typically have ebook devices). This book offers hours of fun for friends and families.
Author Adam Dorfman Signs with RCBs

Author Adam Dorfman Signs with RCBs

Relentlessly Creative Books is proud to announce signing Adam Dorfman, writer and editor for, a website featuring leading-edge science for an upcoming title featuring stories about scientific breakthroughs. Welcome to our Authors Group Adam.

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K.O. Power is excellent both for the seasoned athlete or coach as well as the absolute beginner…

Ikuyo Suzuki

…be prepared for a mental shifting in your perceptions of reality.

Dorothy Wick

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Author Tom Huskerson Wins Award

RCB’s author Tom Huskerson receives an African-American Authors Expo Recognition Award.

Allen Smith Wins a Evvy Book Award

RCB’s author Allen Smith wins EVVY Award for Monkey in a Pink Canoe.

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